Freeze Dried Strawberry

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Country of Origin: China
Region: Shandong
Shipping Port: Qingdao
Grade 1st Grade
Altitude: 500’ ft. above sea level
Manufacture Type: Freeze dried
Cup Characteristics: Fabulous! Intact Strawberry flavor stirs memories of country Pick-Your-Own berry farms.
Infusion: Brilliant red notes.
Ingredients: Luxury freeze dried strawberry
Do you love strawberries? Most people do. They’re sweet, juicy and bite-sized. What’s not to love? Karl Linnaeus, famed Swedish botanist and “father of taxonomy” certainly had a thing for them. For a brief period of time between 1707 and 1708 he ate nothing but in a bid to prove that Strawberries were perfectly edible. His gastronomical experiment was to counter an old belief held in some parts of Europe that because strawberries grew along the ground, and were likely crawled upon by snakes and toads, they were not fit for human consumption. The notion was concocted and written down in the 12th century by an abbess, or leader of a convent, named Saint Hildegard von Binger. Many Europeans at the time were rather, ahem, shall we say, “unsophisticated” and Hildegard’s writings, put down as they were on paper, were as good as carved in stone.
Speaking of odd European beliefs, in some parts of Bavaria, strawberries were considered an essential component in cattle and dairy farming. It seems the Bavarian farmers believed the elves who lived in the woods surrounding the fields helped their cows produce healthy calves and a dependable supply of milk. The farmers, in an effort to attract and appease the elves would tie small baskets of strawberries around the horns of grazing cattle as a gift of thanks. Even very, very early Europeans jumped on the strawberry loving bandwagon. The ancient Romans believed that strawberries were a symbol of the goddess Venus and that if you shared a large “double strawberry” with someone you were destined to fall in love with that person forever. Over the years this proved highly problematic for many Roman cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.
Now, not all Europeans loved strawberries. Henry VIII hated them. His second wife Ann Boleyn is said to have had a strawberry shaped birthmark on her neck. He disliked it so much he had her beheaded. There were also the charges of adultery and treason but that’s another story. (Popular belief holds that she was innocent of all charges anyway. And don’t worry, Henry VIII got his too.) Well, we at Metropolitan Tea love strawberries. We’re particularly enamored with these freeze dried strawberry pieces. Why? In our minds anything that can be custom blended to create all-natural tea and herbal creations gets a big thumbs up. They’re sweet and packed with strawberry flavor – give your customers something new to fall in love with!
Spice up your selection with these fabulous strawberry ideas!
Smoky Strawberry  – Loose tea blend.
• 2 parts Keemun • 1/4 part Lapsang Souchong • 1/4 part freeze dried strawberry • 1/4 part star anise
• Thoroughly blend all ingredients in a drum or large bowl and place in jars or tins. (Adjust ingredients for larger quantities.)
Simple iced tea recipe
A quick and delicious strawberry iced tea can be made with freeze dried strawberries. Start with a green or black tea that takes fruit well such as a high grown Ceylon or leafy green such as a Sencha. Add the strawberries and infuse 3 –5 minutes. Strain over a glass of ice, add a sprig of mint for garnish and a touch of honey and enjoy!
Freeze dried strawberry has countless other uses and a long shelf life.

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